The Impact of Company Culture on Employee Retention and Recruitment: Why Culture Matters

The Impact of Company Culture on Employee Retention and Recruitment: Why Culture Matters With the job market becoming more competitive, attracting and retaining top talent has become increasingly challenging for organisations across industries. Beyond competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages, job seekers are increasingly placing greater emphasis on company culture as a critical factor in […]

Care for Self, Care for Others

In modern work environments, where the pace is fast and the coffee runs faster, Zoala remains consistent with our value “Care for Self, Care for Others”. Caring for Employees At Zoala, we recognise that our employees are our greatest asset, and therefore, we place great importance on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While dedication to […]

Lead with Passion, Harmonious Passion

Leadership is not confined to titles or positions. It transcends these boundaries, manifesting in anyone who steps forward to guide and inspire others, be it a seasoned executive or an enthusiastic intern. At Zoala, we cherish leadership built on 2 pillars –  passion and harmony. This blend, which we call ‘Harmonious Passion’, is our blueprint […]

Cultivating Creativity and Innovation:

At Zoala, we cultivate the power of “create, innovate, flourish. positive growth mindset” to keep our team’s creative engines running at full throttle. This mindset isn’t confined to just our designers; it’s the beating heart of our entire organisation. Understanding the Positive Growth Mindset A positive growth mindset is all about fostering an attitude that […]

Life as a Young Zoalie: Wei Hung’s Internship Experience at Zoala

What were your initial expectations as an intern at Zoala, and how did your experience compare to those expectations? To be honest, when I first joined Zoala as a Business/Data Analyst Intern, I had high expectations for the potential exposure to the fields of business analysis and data analysis in a real-world industrial setting. Although […]

Our Core Values: Openness

Nurturing Transparency and Unity Imagine waking up and finding yourself in a vast ocean, no land in sight, nor directional cues. This sensation is familiar, isn’t it? It’s how we feel when we’re anxious. Anxiety often arises at work when tasks and challenges seem insurmountable, surpassing our perceived capabilities. While it’s normal and healthy to […]

Rahul @ Zoala


We welcome Rahul Vijayan as the co-founder of Zoala! A big hello and warm welcome! With great excitement, I introduce my good friend Rahul, who will join me at Zoala as our Co-Founder & Chief Product Office. Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as we welcome Rahul into our passionate team of innovators, […]

Employee Wellness

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, one thing has become crystal clear: employee wellness is an absolute game-changer for any company. Companies that prioritise the well-being of their employees not only foster a healthy work environment but also reap the benefits of enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction. So what exactly is employee wellness? It’s about […]

Young Zoalie

My intriguing first day of internship  As a freshman going for my first internship, it was definitely nerve-wracking stepping into the office as an official intern. However, these butterflies quickly faded as the welcoming and motivated team at Zoala embraced me! I remember going to work the first day, I was warmly accepted into the […]

Our Core Values: Intergrity

The Power of Workplace Integrity There’s a growing trend in the workplace where more companies are adopting values as guiding principles, strategically shaping their employees’ decisions and how work is carried out. Proud to say, Zoala is part of that trend. One of our core values is “Build to serve, built to last. Do the […]