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Wei Hung’s Internship Experience at Zoala

What were your initial expectations as an intern at Zoala, and how did your experience compare to those expectations?

To be honest, when I first joined Zoala as a Business/Data Analyst Intern, I had high expectations for the potential exposure to the fields of business analysis and data analysis in a real-world industrial setting. Although I was initially informed that the position might not be directly focused on data analysis, I found that my experiences at Zoala did align with certain expectations related to the business analyst job scope. However, given that Zoala is a developing startup company, there were limitations in terms of gaining extensive experience and accessing more opportunities specifically in data analysis.

Despite this, I must emphasize that my time at Zoala has been immensely valuable. I gained significant exposure to the startup environment and its unique culture, which has been a fantastic learning experience. Additionally, I had the opportunity to take on responsibilities that provided relevant insights into the business analyst role within a startup context. This exposure allowed me to understand the dynamics of a young company and how various business functions intertwine to drive growth and success.

Overall, while I may not have been able to explore data analysis to the extent I initially hoped for, my experience at Zoala has been enriching and has helped me develop a broader skill set as a professional. I genuinely appreciate the opportunities I had, and I am confident that the knowledge and exposure gained during my time at Zoala will serve me well in my future career and opportunity.

How has your time at Zoala contributed to your personal and professional development?

Interning at Zoala as a startup company offers distinct advantages, particularly the freedom to explore new ideas and take initiatives. Unlike more established companies where decisions might be heavily guided, startups often require individuals to be proactive in decision-making processes. This provided me with an excellent opportunity to enhance both my personal and professional development.

To further extend my development, I was given the chance to explore projects and initiatives that were yet to be developed or initiated. This level of autonomy allowed me to take ownership of my work and prepared me for handling new challenges. I actively engaged in the preparation and planning of these explorations, learning valuable skills in project management and problem-solving. In contrast to being confined to daily routine tasks, I found myself immersed in continuous exploration and self-development. This proactive approach not only allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the company’s growth but also helped me to adapt to dynamic environments and be adaptable in the face of new challenges.

What were some of the most valuable skills you gained during your internship, and how do you plan to apply them in the future?

Throughout my internship in business analysis at a startup, I gained invaluable experience in SaaS product and business development related tasks. Despite the constraints and limitations that come with a startup environment, I found it to be a certain match for my personality as I thrive on challenges and enjoy exploring new territories that offer fresh insights and different perspectives, rather than being stuck in mundane routine tasks. In the future, I will leverage the skills and experiences I acquired to continue embracing challenges and explore innovative solutions in approaching problems.

Tell us about a specific project or task you worked on at Zoala that challenged you and how you overcame it.

One of the challenges that data-related positions, including mine, often face is the difficulty in obtaining useful and valuable data when conducting market data collection and extraction. Valuable data sources usually come at a cost, while the free versions available often lack structure, coherence, and completeness. This has been a source of frustration and a significant challenge for me, particularly when collecting competitor and ventures data, where reliable, real-time and well-structured information is critical. There is paid platform like HealthTech Alpha that offer comprehensive and reliable data, but I understand that as a startup company, budget constraints may limit access to such resources for non-revenue generation activities.


Despite the challenges, I have developed the persistence and determination in completing the given tasks with the limited resources available. By embracing this challenge, I have honed my research skills and creativity to find alternative data sources and extract insights from the available information, even in the absence of paid platforms. While the constraints are present, it has enabled me to develop resilience, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of the particle aspects of working in a data-related role.

In what ways did the Zoala team support and encourage your growth and learning?

Most of the time, I am grateful for the exceptional teams at Zoala, where transparent communication is emphasized. I am consistently met with a receptive atmosphere where I can seek answers to my questions, regardless of the department or individual I approach. This high level of transparency and sharing is particularly valuable in my role as a business analyst, as it allows me to access different perspectives and insights, enhancing me to develop a mindset of alternative solutions and achieve desired outcomes more effectively.

Describe a memorable team-building experience at Zoala and how it strengthened your connections with colleagues.

Along my 5-month internship, although we didn’t have much team building activities, but the ones we had were absolutely memorable. Two of my favorites were the Cross-border team gathering combined with a bowling showdown and KL tour and the Taman Tugu hiking adventure. Both the team building activities have different vibe but provide the same goals which break free from the office walls and connect each other with a whole new level through activities. It allows bonding over shared personal experiences with more approachable communication. Despite with limited team building events, but every moment counts when these experiences not only brought us closer but also made out internship journey all the more unforgettable.

How did Zoala's work environment and company culture contribute to a positive internship experience?

As I “over” mentioned in the above question, the culture of transparent communication at Zoala played a significant role in creating a positive internship experience for me. Being able to freely communicate and seek answers from anyone in the organization fostered a sense of openness and trust. This environment allowed me to learn from diverse perspectives and insights, contributing to my personal and professional growth during the internship.

Share a moment when you had to take initiative and demonstrate leadership during your time at Zoala.

The most efficiencies in coping with mental wellness and employee well-being could be the flexibility of work practices where it could reduce the frustration on the time wasted on long commutes and offer a betterment in work life balances. As a personal example, the duration from my place to the office could take more than one and a half hours one way, resulting in a total of 3 hours or more resting hours wasted on commuting in every office day. It could be a toll on physical energy and mental well-being.

As your internship at Zoala comes to an end, how do you envision this experience influencing your future career aspirations?

As my internship at Zoala comes to an end, I will always remember the valuable lessons I learned about the significance of well-being in team management. The startup environment taught me the importance of self-exploration and perseverance, even when facing rejection or challenges. It was a tough and demanding journey, but it contributed immensely to my self-development. Embracing limitations and constraints allowed me to push myself further and gain experience that will positively influence my future career aspirations. I am grateful for the opportunities Zoala provided, and I am excited to carry these lessons forward to excel in my future endeavors.