Leading the Way to Becoming a Mental Wellness, First. School

A school-wide wellbeing solution designed to best support your unique educational environment.

Daily Vibes

Capture your students' moods in real time.

Personal Discoveries Surveys

School's premier survey tool, driven by advanced AI technology.

Data Driven Decision Making

Guides student early mental health intervention.

Personalised Safety Plan

Minimise risk and increase student safety

A robust ecosystem to support the continuum of care.

Engaging and Motivating

Workshops and Benchmarking


Themed and curated topics like time management, digital addiction, and positive habits, to address specific well being challenges.

Mental health literacy scale assessments.

Tailored Expertise and Unwavering

Dedicated Resources


Our Partner Success Manager helps to drive the well-being programs in schools.

Identify Growth Areas

Enhanced Assistance

Enhanced Assistance

We provide the necessary training and support our partners.

Zoala is compatible with any devices.