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Zoala is an AI-powered mental wellness platform to improve the wellbeing and support adolescents (aged 10-19) predominantly for K12 schools. Our platform connects all stakeholders responsible for the adolescents developmental needs, providing timely and engaging experiences towards a mental wellness first approach.

Zoala is more suitable for adolescents aged 10-19!

Zoala places adolescents at the centre of the user experience. We focus on supporting and developing adolescents’ mental well-being. Zoala serves as a platform for professionals and families to gain a deeper understanding of their adolescents’ state of mental wellness, as we also understand that a robust support system is needed.

Definitely Not!

Zoala serves as an additional/complementary resource and support to psychology clinics and medical professionals and aims to be able to complement them in their line of work.

Zoala helps to create self-awareness and de-stigmatize adolescents’ mental wellness journey. We aim to provide early detection or intervention for adolescents by insights obtained through using industry-practised frameworks and models.


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