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In modern work environments, where the pace is fast and the coffee runs faster, Zoala remains consistent with our value “Care for Self, Care for Others”.

Caring for Employees

At Zoala, we recognise that our employees are our greatest asset, and therefore, we place great importance on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While dedication to work is commendable, we emphasise the significance of nurturing passions beyond the office walls. We advocate for a harmonious integration of work and personal life, believing that a fulfilling life outside of work builds resilience and fortitude in the face of professional challenges.

Our hybrid work schedule, which allows employees to spend three days in the office and two days working remotely, reflects our commitment to flexibility and autonomy. This arrangement empowers our team members to address personal matters while maintaining productivity and focus at work.

Weekly check-ins and opportunities for shared experiences enable us to support each other’s well-being and professional development. By prioritising the holistic care of our team members, we ensure that they are equipped to drive Zoala’s mission forward with passion and purpose.

Treating Colleagues with Respect

In our multinational and multicultural community at Zoala, mutual respect and consideration are foundational values. We believe in treating each other with dignity and empathy, from everyday interactions to pivotal decision-making processes. Recognising the diverse preferences and needs of our colleagues, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive workspace where everyone feels valued and respected.

We understand that each individual thrives in different environments, whether they prefer background music to aid concentration or quiet spaces for deep focus. By acknowledging and accommodating these differences, we promote a harmonious and caring workplace culture. Through open communication and mutual understanding, we build bridges of trust and solidarity, fostering strong relationships that enhance collaboration and productivity.

Caring for External Communities

Our commitment to “Care for Self, Care for Others” extends to the schools and the communities we serve. While we are a business driven by objectives and outcomes, we recognise the importance of genuine care and empathy in our interactions with partners. We believe that our products should not only meet their needs but also reflect our sincere commitment to their well-being.

Through attentive listening and proactive engagement, we strive to understand their challenges and aspirations. We tailor our solutions to address their specific pain points, ensuring that every interaction is characterised by empathy and responsiveness. By building meaningful relationships grounded in trust and compassion, we foster a sense of partnership and mutual growth.

The value of “Care for Self, Care for Others” lies at the heart of everything we do at Zoala. By championing employee well-being, fostering respectful relationships among colleagues, and prioritising genuine care for our partners, we uphold a culture of compassion, collaboration, and excellence. As we continue on our journey, we remain committed to striking a balance between caring for ourselves and caring for others – a balance that defines our success and sustains our shared vision for a brighter future.