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Employee Wellness

So what exactly is employee wellness?

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, one thing has become crystal clear: employee wellness is an absolute game-changer for any company. Companies that prioritise the well-being of their employees not only foster a healthy work environment but also reap the benefits of enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction. 

So what exactly is employee wellness?

It's about creating an environment where employees feel physically fit, mentally sharp, and emotionally balanced. It includes elements such as work-life balance, stress management, access to resources, and a supportive corporate culture. We want our team to thrive, not just survive!

When employees are in good physical, mental and emotional health, they are better equipped to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. A healthy workforce translates to reduced absenteeism, decreased healthcare costs, and heightened job satisfaction and engagement. Know that if you take an extra step to acknowledge and value your employees, they are more likely to also go the extra mile, further boosting work productivity.

At Zoala, we recognise the significance of employee wellness in achieving our mission of "Mental Wellness, First." One of the key tools that we use is the Employee Happiness Score, a metric that allows us to assess and track employee satisfaction levels. It helps us identify and proactively act on areas of improvement while keeping the scores anonymous, encouraging our employees to provide real, unfiltered feedback.

Let's dive into some real Employee Happiness Scores we gathered from our recent survey:

Looking at the overall team, we've got a decent score of 6.75, which shows there's room for improvement. When we zoom in on the Malaysia team, we're at a score of 6. While it's not terribly low, it's important to continue efforts on boosting team happiness in that region.

On the flip side, our Singapore team is absolutely rocking it with an impressive score of 7.5! Kudos to our Singapore peeps for bringing the positive vibes and keeping those happiness levels up.

We also conduct regular Employee Pulse Checks, another feedback mechanism for helping teams connect. These check-ins enable employees to express their feelings, concerns, and suggestions in a safe and confidential environment. We're not just nodding and pretending to listen – we genuinely want to hear what our team has to say. It's all about building that solid foundation of trust and camaraderie, propelling a culture of open communication and mutual support.

In summary, employee wellness plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of organisations as it unlocks higher levels of productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction. We encourage companies to start looking into ways of measuring and supporting employee wellness and remind employees to strike a balance between work and wellness.