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Pioneering Wellness in Education

Zoala's Success at DIDAC India 2023: Pioneering Wellness in Education

Last week, Zoala had the distinct honour of participating as an exhibitor at DIDAC India 2023. This marked a significant milestone as it was our first foray into the Indian education market. In this post, we’re excited to share our experiences and key takeaways from the event.

About DIDAC India 2023

DIDAC India 2023, graciously hosted by the India Didactics Association, is more than just a conference and exhibition—it’s a global stage where innovation, education, and skills converge. Last year, this remarkable event welcomed over 19,000 visitors from more than 34 countries and featured over 210 exhibitors, solidifying its status as India’s largest B2B education exhibition.

A Glimpse into the Event:

DIDAC India 2023 took place from the 17th to the 19th of October at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. At the event, Zoala had the privilege of showcasing our platform alongside other innovative Singaporean startups at the Singapore Pavilion.

Takeaways and Future Endeavours:

Our journey at DIDAC India 2023 was more than just about showcasing our product; it was a transformative learning experience. Throughout the three eventful days, we found ourselves in a steady stream of activity. The engagement with educators and fellow vendors was relentless, but incredibly rewarding. We even gained the opportunity to engage in in-depth conversations with diverse participants.

Listening to the challenges faced by educational institutions and gaining valuable advice from experienced professionals in the field was another priceless aspect of our participation. These insights will undoubtedly influence the further development of Zoala to better serve the educational landscape in India.


As we reflect on this remarkable experience, we look ahead with great anticipation. We are excited about the opportunity to connect with the hundreds of schools that visited our booth during the event and expressed genuine interest in our platform. Together, we stride forward, collectively shaping a brighter future for the education and skills sector.

We sincerely thank the India Didactics Association and Enterprise SG for organising such a remarkable event. To everyone who visited our booth, engaged in enlightening conversations, and expressed interest in our mission, thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Stay tuned for a stream of exciting updates from Zoala, as we continue to champion wellness in education.