Stress Management

Looking for practical strategies to manage and reduce stress? Join our upcoming Stress Management webinar with counsellor, Jowena Cheng.

Navigating Suicide Conversations with Compassion and Clarity

In this workshop, they’ll delve into the common myths and nuances associated with suicide to help you better communicate when addressing this sensitive topic. Join us for this insightful session and become a part of the movement for mental health and suicide prevention.

Building You a Personal Wellness Buddy with Tech and Touch

Join Sharmili, our co-founder and CTO, for an enlightening workshop. Together, we’ll explore how AI technology and human touch can co-create a holistic approach to mental well-being for adolescents. Discover how individualised AI-powered “wellness buddies” assess students’ thoughts and offer human support when early signs of need are detected.


Zoala proudly stood among the entrepreneurial stars at UNICON 2024. Our amazing co-founders, Rahul Vijayan and Sharmili Roy, radiated enthusiasm and shared our startup journey in a captivating presentation.

Introducing a Comprehensive Wellbeing Curriculum for Schools

Dive into the world of holistic wellbeing for students! 🌍
Join Rahul, Co-Founder of Zoala, and Emanuelle, Director of our esteemed partner, Breathe2B,  as they pioneer the introduction of a comprehensive well-being curriculum for schools. 🏫

Zoala in Didac India 2023

The moment has arrived! We’ve touched down at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in Bengaluru for DIDAC India 2023, hosted by the India Didactics Association!

Self Care & Mental Wellness

We’re excited to invite you to our special self-care webinar focused on cultivating self-compassion and mental wellness! 🌱