Journaling for Personal Growth

Read our journal here! Back in the day, I wanted to keep a diary of all the cool stuff I was up to. I thought about keeping track of the food I ate, imagining that one day, I would look back on the gourmet experiences. I didn’t do it every day—just whenever something really stuck […]

Nurturing Student Wellbeing

What brings you happiness in life? According to the global happiness survey 2022*, 90% of respondents say it’s their physical and mental health. But are we truly prioritising well-being as we should? Perhaps a few countries have found the answer: a human-centred economy where we prioritise human well-being and happiness as key indicators of economic […]

Journaling in Schools

Introduction In education, fostering emotional well-being has become essential to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for students. Amidst various strategies, journaling emerges as a powerful and accessible tool. Providing an outlet for self-expression, reflection, and emotional processing, it supports the well-being of schools and their communities. This blog post will explore how expressive writing […]

Harnessing AI for Improved Outcomes

What if we could provide counsellors and therapists with comprehensive insights about their clients even before their first meeting? Imagine if we could empower counsellors to deliver exceptional standards of care from the very first visit. In the face of limited resources in mental health care, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to accelerate counsellors […]