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We welcome Dr. Sharmili Roy as the co-founder of Zoala!

A big hello and warm welcome!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of an exceptional individual to our executive team, our new Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Introducing our new CTO, Dr. Sharmili Roy, a phenomenal woman who brings her personal experiences as a mother of two, a seasoned academic with a PhD in AI, an MBA degree holder, and an advocate for responsible adolescent emotional care. 

Being a parent, she understands firsthand the vital importance of mental wellness for our young ones. Her aspiration to “meet children where they are” as they traverse the most formative years of their lives aligns perfectly with our mission of creating a safe space for children to express themselves, develop mental resilience and find the right support without fearing judgement.

Dr. Sharmili is one of Singapore’s Top 100 Women in Tech who has been working at the intersection of AI and business. She believes that the now-surging development of Generative AI will produce breakthroughs that, if harnessed responsibly, have the potential to become the most powerful engine of mental prosperity in history. 

As we join forces today, we feel more ready and excited than ever to continue our mission. We look forward to devising innovative solutions informed by academic expertise, business know-how, and a mother’s touch