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Zoala's Commitment to Adolescent Well-Being

Unlocking Mental Resilience

Unlocking Mental Resilience

At Zoala, we hold an unwavering dedication to a singular mission: nurturing the mental well-being of adolescents. Our commitment extends beyond academic success; it encompasses the emotional, social, and psychological facets of students’ lives.

Enhancing Our Suicide Prevention Efforts

In our continuous efforts to fortify our suicide prevention capabilities, we have Dr. Jared Ng, an esteemed psychiatrist. Dr. Ng contributes his wealth of knowledge to strengthen our suicide prevention strategies and framework, providing a vital safety net for adolescents during their times of need.


Dr. Ng’s journey began at the National University of Singapore, where he earned a Master’s in Medicine in Psychiatry. His pursuit of knowledge led him to Harvard University, where he obtained a Master’s in Public Health. With additional experience in military psychiatry and humanitarian relief missions, Dr. Ng brings invaluable insights into the intricate relationship between mental health and crises. 


Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr. Ng is also a dedicated volunteer, contributing to organisations like the IJ Schools’ Board of Management and the Samaritans of Singapore. These experiences enrich his professional perspective, allowing for a more empathetic approach to mental health care. Dr. Ng is also a respected figure in the field, regularly contributing insightful articles to publications such as Channel News Asia and The Straits Times, showcasing his profound understanding of the subject.

Elevating The Zoala Experience

Zoala continually strives to revolutionise the way individuals connect with psychological expertise, and this is further enhanced with the addition of Dr. Geraldine Tan, an esteemed principal psychologist. You might recognise Dr. Tan from her weekly live show on KISS 92 FM every Tuesday, “Therapy Tuesdays”.


With over two decades of experience, Dr. Tan owns and operates The Therapy Room, a private practice where she offers a diverse range of therapeutic techniques to assist clients with various psychological concerns. Driven by her passion for helping others, she has also been involved in media and community outreach efforts, including supporting mothers who have lost children to suicide and providing mental health check-ups for seniors during the pandemic.


Dr. Tan’s invaluable expertise and psychological insights enrich the quality of our app. Zoala provides mental health professionals with additional tools to accurately assess and provide better care to their clients, ultimately contributing to their mental well-being.

Their Invaluable Contributions

These collaborations signify a major step forward for Zoala, further solidifying our dedication to improving the mental well-being of adolescents. With these two advisors on board, we aim to continue bridging the existing gaps in mental health awareness, refining our framework, and enhancing the continuum of care for adolescents. Together, we are dedicated to creating a safer, more supportive environment for the youth we serve.

Join Our Cause for Adolescent Well-Being

We’re always excited to connect with like-minded individuals who share our dedication to empowering the mental resilience of adolescents. If you share our passion for nurturing the mental resilience of adolescents, do feel free to contact us anytime to explore potential ways we can collaborate in the future! Together, we will continue to make Zoala a steadfast companion for adolescents on their journey of ‘Mental Wellness, First.’.