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Did you know?

1 in 3

young people in Singapore have mental health symptoms

that reported internalising mental health symptoms such as

sadness, anxiety, and loneliness [1]




had more serious symptoms

Our companionship
with you 

Meet Zoala!

the artificial intelligence, empowered application programmed to communicate with adolescents, that detects early signs of deterioration in mental wellness —supporting them on their mental health journey and in building resilience.


A friend in need is a friend indeed

Zoala nurtures a meaningful connection with the user from the onset. It focuses on conversations that create engagement and trust by graduating understanding and resonance with the user.


Identifying & evaluating mental stressors

Zoala evaluates the user's mental well-being across the diverse aspects of his life, including deteriorations in the user's mental wellness. Zoala then engages the user in conversation on the decline and identifies the associated stressors for deeper understanding.

Building mental resilience

Zoala converses with the user to create awareness of his mental state and builds mental resilience by engaging the user in conversation that triggers self-regulation. The conversation enables the users to rationalise their emotional state and leads them to the basis for the emotions. In time, this rationalisation process builds mental resilience in users.


Trigger early actions

Zoala can glean specific insights from data with recommendations to support parents, teachers and schools to take early action at personal and structural levels.

Predictive insights and enabling continuity 

Through dashboards from Zoala, trending and insights can be used by trained professionals such as psychologists and counsellors to ensure continuity in the treatment of these adolescents. They can also use the insights as predictive tools to determine changes in the child's mental wellness when past stressors occur again in the future—enabling the parents, teachers, schools and medical practitioners to pre-emptively plan on dissipating the emotional impact of the stressor.


Mental wellness for adolescents

Zoala is trained to understand the everyday concerns of adolescent life and offer practical advice, support, and guidance that can help improve their mental health. 

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