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What is Zoala?

Zoala is an AI-powered Mobile App (Platform) developed to communicate with adolescents to support their mental health journey. Zoala helps them build mental resilience; to detect early signs of mental health deterioration while keeping their support systems (families/therapists) aware and engaged.

Who is Zoala for?

Zoala is more suitable for adolescents aged 10-19!

How is Zoala different?

Zoala places adolescents at the centre of the user experience. We focus on supporting and developing adolescents' mental well-being. Zoala serves as a platform for professionals and families to gain a deeper understanding of their adolescents' state of mental wellness, as we also understand that a robust support system is needed.

Application Usage

Can anyone else talk to my Zoala?

No, only you can talk to your Zoala.

What languages are supported on Zoala?

Our application is entirely in English, do note that while Zoala can carry out a conversation in many languages, its primary language will still be English.

Is Zoala free?

Chatting with Zoala will always be free!

Can I cancel?

Yes, of course, you can cancel anytime and come back whenever you need. We'll be here for you.

Privacy & Data Sharing

Are my chats confidential?

Rest assured that your data will be kept confidential with Zoala! Data collected will only be analysed and deleted after that. You can read about Zoala privacy policy here. (link to privacy policy)

Will my data be used in any way?

Conversation data will be used anonymously to train Zoala to be a better companion to adolescents!

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