Zoala x NVIDIA Inception Program

We are excited! Zoala has officially become a member of The NVIDIA Inception Program. We are honoured to be partnering with NVIDIA and joining an elite group of startups disrupting the status quo across industries around the world. The NVIDIA Inception program is tailor-made to supercharge the journey of startups towards success by offering unparalleled […]

A Day with the Sahmyook University Students

Sahmyook University’s visit to Singapore, organised by BlackStorm Consulting and Access-2-Healthcare. Sahmyook University, one of the leading universities in Seoul, South Korea, embarked on an educational journey to Singapore with a delegation. Zoala had an excellent opportunity to share about technology within the mental health industry as well as startups. The team, composed of enthusiastic […]

Zoala and wwyd. Partnership

An exciting collaboration for adolescent mental well-being! Zoala and wwyd. are teaming up to provide and foster a brighter and more resilient future for adolescents. We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with wwyd., a youth counselling centre in Singapore. This collaboration aims to provide an all-inclusive approach to the mental well-being of adolescents, […]

Zoala and SHINE Partnership

Zoala and SHINE Partnership – ​​Fostering creativity for a cause The partnership aims to raise awareness and funds to support initiatives promoting adolescent mental well-being. Zoala Pte Ltd, the conversation AI-powered mental wellness companion that builds resilience for adolescents by delivering evidence-based interventions to improve mental well-being, is teaming up with SHINE, a leading social […]