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De-stress: How We Do it in Zoala

We hear the word “stress” all the time, and that’s because it IS around us all the time. It’s commonly agreed that stress drives motivation and focus, but we must be mindful of the tipping point over bad stress. 

So, When does stress become bad stress?


In the workplace, talents experience bad stress when the job demands trigger negative physical and emotional responses. Some examples could be long working hours, inflexible schedules and unresolved conflicts with coworkers. For talents, prolonged stress deteriorates both their physical and mental health. For companies, employee engagement and productivity plummets. This is undoubtedly a lose-lose situation!

In Zoala, we’re all about #mentalwellnessfirst. We try to balance championing mental health for our adolescents and users through our solution and our own talents’ mental health. If you’ve heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life”, you’ll understand “happy employee, company steady”.

Some super fun initiatives Zoala currently have are:​

work culture.png

Wellness leave

work culture.png

Pulse check

work culture.png

Hybrid work schedule

work culture.png

Team building activities

But we’re not stopping here

As we’re constantly evolving to tailor to our talents’ needs. We’ll dive deeper into our experience with each of the initiatives above in the coming blogs, so keep an eye out for our May blog!

Ruth Edited 1.png

"I typically conquer stress by embracing my inner couch potato. Snuggled up in my room and dive into Netflix series and let the binge-watching magic unfold." - Ruth

Wilson Edited 1.png

"I find serenity in the company of my loved ones and treasured friends. I embrace the joy of shared moments, laughter, and calm conversations, it alleviates stress and brings me peace." - Wilson

Sieh Feng Edited 1.png

"For me, I will dive into the pool and immerse myself in the rhythm of strokes. As a passionate swimmer, I feel the water's embrace, find focus, and let stress dissolve in the tranquil depths." - Sieh Feng

Ariff Edited 1.png

"When stress looms, I typically find solace in gaming. As I immerse myself in virtual worlds, challenges melt away, and pure fun takes the stage. Gaming is definitely my go-to stress-buster." - Ariff

Jeff Lee.png

"As a CEO and dedicated father, finding balance is key. Through discipline and cherishing fatherly moments, stress melts away. Whatever it is, always remember to inhale and exhale." - Jeff


Rei Ng Edited 1.png

"Apart from spending time with my family to relieve stress, I be tending to plants and flowers as well, because it is therapeutic. It provides a sense of calm, beauty, and connection with nature." - Rei

Jun Kai

"As a dedicated jogger, I hit the pavement for a revitalizing run every day. Lace up my sneakers, feel the rhythm of my feet, and let the endorphins flow, leaving stress behind with each stride." - Jun Kai

Christina, partner success manager.png

"My weekly routine is engaging in a workout routine, whether it's running, dancing or yoga. That's how I clear my mind, and feel the stress melt away as I focus on my physical well-being." - Christina

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