Child & Adolescent Psychology Associate


We, at ZOALA, are in search of a Child & Adolescent Psychology Associate to join our fast expanding team that is set to make a difference in the mental wellness space powered by modern-day technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You will be working together with the technology team to translate cutting-edge psychological research and insights associated with mental wellness into novel seamless logic that will lie at the core of our state of the art technology. Come join us as we move to advocate ‘Mental Wellness, First’. 


Your Daily ZOALA Experience

As a Child & Adolescent Psychology Associate, you will be at the forefront of:

  • Formulating and enhancing research and development plans (in close collaboration with the Strategy team) that will serve, to deeply evaluate mental wellness issues and, as the basis for deriving a comprehensive, scientific and novel approach to overcoming them

  • Translating these research and development plans, that comprise seamlessly synthesized and enhanced psychological concepts and insights, (in collaboration with the Technology team) into tangible deliverables and valuable information that will be directly used for the enhancement of our novel technological solution

  • Driving deep conversations pertaining to mental wellness with industry professionals (e.g. psychologists) and establishments (e.g. clinics) as well as institutions (e.g. schools) that require or currently subscribe to some level of mental wellness solutions and determine the gaps that will be fulfilled by our technology

  • Deriving mental wellness feedback and evolving needs at the individual and structural levels for different stakeholders and translating them into areas for continuous technological improvement and enhancement. These improvements and enhancements will be geared at both (1) ensuring that mental wellness is robustly and expeditiously evaluated and (2) related stakeholders get relevant and specific insights that are optimised (in content and presentation) for efficient and effective application in resolving mental wellness issues

  • Building a community that sees ‘Mental Wellness, First’ by (1) working with the Strategy team in formulating and executing education plans for child and family members with the specific intent of evaluation, early detection and expeditious action and by (2) working with the Marketing team to create touchpoints for education on mental wellness issues and how they can either be prevented or resolved leveraging on our novel technology solution for mental wellness 


The Career Requirements

Our Child & Adolescent Psychology Associate should have the following competencies:

  • Degree/Diploma holder in Psychology or relevant qualifications.

  • Has professional knowledge of child/adolescent’s mental wellness needs and the recognised methods of therapy to be applied.

  • Capable of thinking at the strategic, operational and tactical levels in conducting research and synthesising insights for the development and enhancement of our technological solution.

  • Capable of engaging stakeholders in a structured manner and deriving developmental insights from feedback and data that will propagate our cycle of continuous improvement and development.

  • Able to think critically in evaluating situations and exercise creative solutions to difficult issues that may arise in the course of addressing market needs.

  • Is a continuous learner who is willing to attend professional events on child & adolescent psychology.

  • Has excellent communication skills and exercises empathy, patience and understanding in addressing the emotions of children of different ages, from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

  • Is able to ensure with meticulousness that professional, legal and ethical regulations, as required by relevant regulatory bodies and the law are adhered to.

Hang on! Life's a two-way street! Here's what you'll enjoy while spending time with us.

  • Work-Life Balance - We encourage you to find a balance between your work and personal lives. It isn't about how many hours you spend at home or at work; it's about the structure you establish that brings energy to both aspects of your life. We believe striking the right balance is critical to life-long happiness and fulfilment. 

  • Mentorship & Career Growth - Our team is dedicated to supporting every entrant into the ZOALA family. We care about your career growth and strive to engineer your professional development across a diversity of fields so that you develop all-rounded competencies and become adept at charting and handling the future. 

  • Inclusive Culture - When it comes to idea generation, we encourage diversity of opinion and difference of perspective aimed at a gainful outcome. Join an environment where you can speak your mind while consciously being respectful of the ideas of others that will surround and enrich you.

If this sounds right up your alley, but you still feel you did not check all the boxes, fret not; no one fits a job description perfectly, and there is no such thing as the perfect candidate. Let's talk! We're curious bugs and can't wait to get to know you.

Please submit an application at and let us know your passion, your purpose, and your dreams.